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After 20+ years of Stem Cell Research, there have been remarkable medical breakthroughs...
it's estimated that we'll have them available
in the USA within the next 10 years

Global Surgery Network has them available NOW...

            We try to stay on the cutting edge of every new medical technology on a worldwide scale, and more times than not, those innovations first become available outside of the USA.  Stem Cell Research (and now treatments), has been going on for many years. It was first thought that only Embryonic Stem Cells could be used, but today technology allows a patient to use their own stem cells, and never have a rejection.

       The most remarkable development in stem cell research today (and one of the most remarkable in all of medicine) is that "Adult" stem cells can be harvested from the very body that is diseased, and in a laboratory process, their regenerative gene (stem cells) can be literally "switched on". Then they are  introduced intravenously back into the patient, one session per week over a period of 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the disease. THIS treatment has had remarkable results in patients with complete paralysis and muscular degenerative diseases, cancers, heart disease, Alzheimer. Autism, and the research goes on... 

        The future is even brighter than that...    laboratory tests (this is hard to believe, but check out the videos below) are actually growing back organs in laboratories - perfect replacement organs... and it has proven to grow back limbs.  Even the US Army has invested $42 Million for research and treatment on veterans that have been injured in Iraq and Afghanistan.
This is NOT hocus-pocus medicine... it's very real ! 

       Private companies are funding research in dozens of United States Universities, and in countries such as India, China, South Africa, Panama, and even Mexico, and partnering with accredited medical facilities where stem cell research can be used in actual patient procedures.

Annually, THOUSANDS of Americans are seeking these treatments, and unfortunately, there are many unethical opportunists in the practice... but Global Surgery Network has relationships with only the best ! 

The role of Stem Cell Therapy in Cancer Treatments 

 Science Daily's report on Stem Cell Treatment in Heart Patients

You owe it to yourself to see the CBS News Video on

" Regenerative Medicine "

(Note: This story was initially produced for 60 Minutes, however CBS found it more appropriate to run it on their Sunday morning news show... )

     As with anything this remarkable, there are already scams and exaggerations that can lead to false hope. This treatment procedure is NOT for everyone... a patient must have un-infected stem cells available for harvesting either in their blood, fat tissue, or bone marrow. The procedures are still experimental, and though many short term results have proven remarkable,  no long term study information is available. The work that has been done however, has produced remarkable results, and this procedure is a viable and effective alternative for many who have little hope with more traditional treatments.

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