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Visiting  - Brazil
Medical Dental & Cosmetic

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Medical Dental & Cosmetic

Why Travel Outside of the USA for Surgery
Questions & Answers about Medical Tourism
Typical Savings out of the country is 60-70%
Dental Procedures
Cosmetic Surgery
 Bariatric Procedures
Cancer Treatments
 Traditional & Alternative
Heart Specialists
& General Surgery
 Orthopedic Surgery
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International Stories and Publications about Medical
Tourism and Overseas Medical Procedures.


Recent Medical Tourism Stories and Articles

In Need of a New Hip, but Priced Out of the U.S.

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For Medical Tourists, Itís Simple Math

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A Brief History of Medical Tourism

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Face lift, luxury safari - bargain price

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Outsourcing Your Heart

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Medical Tourism Takes Flight

Medical Tourism Takes Flight

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India Fosters Growing 'Medical Tourism' Sector

Medical tourism growing worldwide

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Rising popularity of medical tourism reveals deterioration of U.S. healthcare system

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Vacation, Adventure And Surgery

Outsourcing Your Health

Traveling for Treatment
Medical Tourism Prospective,
by the Past Chairman, Board of Trustees,  American Medical Association

Joseph M. Heyman, M.D

NBC Bay Area - The Investigative Report

US Insurance Companies Expanding Medical Tourism Coverage

Once considered a fringe option reserved for the most desperate patients, medical tourism is gaining mainstream acceptance, transforming into a billion-dollar industry attracting both patients and healthcare providers alike.CLICK TO READ MORE...

In Need of a New Hip, but Priced Out of the U.S.

Michael Shopenn's artificial hip was made by a company based in this remote town, a global center of joint manufacturing. But he had to fly to Europe to have it installed.CLICK TO READ MORE...


Employee Benefit News          Article Dated February 2013 shows that Insurance companies and Self Insured companies are flocking to offer Medical Tourism...   


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